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Empowering and Energizing Words

In my training events and private coaching sessions, I often talk about the impact that our self-talk has on our current and future levels of success. We can be our own best friend or our worst enemy by the words and thoughts we choose.

To get you on the positive path, I challenge you to come up with at least one word for every letter in the alphabet that makes you feel good, encourages you, and/or gives you an energy boost. It could be a quality that you already possess or something that you admire in others (that you are striving toward). Maybe you just like the sound of it or it brings back a pleasant memory.
Here are a few examples from my list (just the vowels) and some brief explanations that may inspire you to create your list.

A – “Action” – I feel better when I take action and get things off my to-do list. I making that checkmark or crossing the item off the list. I know that I’ll achieve more, in all facets of my life, if I take action rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen. Momentum starts with movement!

E – “Exceptional” – I like the fact that the word “exceptional” implies high quality and uncommon at the same time. It packs a two-for-one punch.

I – “Interesting” I don’t want to be boring or live the same life as everyone else. I want to have a wide variety of experiences and adventures to look back on. So far, I’ve flown and jumped out of an airplane (not the same one), fed sharks, stingrays and giraffes, climbed a waterfall, sipped from an Alaskan glacier pool, rode an elephant, held a jellyfish, alligator, and python, climbed Mayan Ruins, gone scuba diving at night, and eaten termites in Costa Rica. I plan to add a lot more to that list.

O – “Opportunity” – I love the possibility that lies within an opportunity. I have the chance to take on a challenge and succeed. When I’m consulting or training, I can share information with others to create opportunities for them to change their circumstances.

U – “Unlimited” – When I chose my company name (Kammy Haynes Unlimited), I liked the idea that I could do and be anything. The possibilities are limitless; without constraint. Every time I read it or say it, I smile and get a little zing of anticipation.

Have fun coming up with your list. Don’t make it a chore…if you get stuck on a letter come back to it another time. You can also have multiple words for a letter…the more the merrier. That way you can choose which one strikes your fancy on any given day. The point is to get your brain focused on POSITIVE, motivating, and encouraging words (rather than dwelling on the negative and energy-draining words that keep you stuck and unable to move forward).

What’s your word for today? Click here for your ENERGY WORD template to help you get started.

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