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Kammy Haynes at Coaching Leadership Academy

As the CEO of Kammy Haynes. Unlimited, Inc., Kammy Haynes, Ph.D shows entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers how ignite their full potential so they can grow their business, leverage their talents, and live their best lives now.

Based on her experience as a human resources professional, management consultant for a variety of industries for more than 20 years (ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small service providers), a doctorate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and years of personal development activities, Kammy has created the Success Ignition System™ to rescue entrepreneurs and business professionals… continue

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Speaking Topics
Bring an Exceptional Speaker to motivate your audience and catapult them to a higher level of confidence and success. Give them the information and inspiration they need to achieve extraordinary results!
Corporate Consulting
In any business, large or small, people are ultimately responsible for transforming the corporate mission into reality. From the boardroom to the production floor, it’s people that hold the keys to providing the quality products and services and customer satisfaction that generate revenues and profit.